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Frequently asked questions: TRANSPORTATION

1-Where can I take the bus line and where do they go?

At the Arucas Station you can take 3 bus lines that will bring you closer to our village. The lines are 251, 222 and 232. On the page of the Global transport company you can solve your doubts about itineraries and schedules.  


The link is:

We recommend line 251 not only because it is the most frequent but because it will leave you just a 4-minute walk from our town, you must get off or take the bus at the EL ZUMACAL stop, not to be confused with the Zumacal crossing stop. You can consult the pdf of line 251 by clicking here.

This is a photo of the bus stop in El Zumacal and an image of its approximate distance to Villa Arrebol Azul according to Google Map.  

2- What means of transport do you recommend to move within the island?

Undoubtedly the car is the best way to move around the island, basically because it will give you more freedom to move around the island and you will not have time restrictions. However, the bus is also an excellent way to get to know the island if you have time. If you prefer the car, there are multiple car rental companies, but if you still opt for other means of transport, you can contract the pick-up service from the airport to the villa and vice versa. Send us an email or WhatsApp with time through the contact page.


3-Can I leave the car outside the garage overnight?

The Arrebol Azul villa is located in a very quiet neighborhood of Valleseco, a small municipality of 3000 inhabitants. It shouldn't be a problem to leave it outside, but it's always safer to store it in the garage.


4-What are the dimensions of the garage? Will my vehicle fit?

The garage is approximately 4 meters wide by 5 meters long.


5-How do I open the garage door? What happens if I lose the garage remote?
Inside the house, in the key locker in the hall, there is a remote control.
You will only have to operate the remote when you are close to the garage door and the garage door lock will unlock. You will then have to push the door slightly to the right from the outside for manual opening. 
To close the garage door, bring it to its stop where it closes and operate the remote control to close it. Watch video.

WARNING: If you lose your automatic garage remote you force us to buy a new remote and  reprogram the automatic lock which for you will mean a penalty of 150 euros. That is why we recommend that you leave the control in the village itself, and thus there will be no possibility of loss.

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