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Frequently asked questions: USE OF THE GARDEN AND BARBECUE

1-Can I pick fruit from the trees in the garden?

No, you can't pick fruit from trees. In the first place, because fruit trees and fruit have a time for harvesting and care that would be seriously impaired if each guest decided to interfere with these processes. Secondly, because it is not part of the conditions of the rental contract for the villa, and thirdly, because if you are curious to try fruit, you will have fruit from the garden in a wooden fruit bowl in the kitchen if it is the season. which you can pick said fruit.  

2-Can I drink water from the garden fountains?

In the Canary Islands it is not usual to drink the water from supplies, normally bottled water is drunk. Even so, if at your risk you decide to drink the supply water, keep in mind that of the garden fountains there is only one labeled as POTABLE. The rest of the sources do not have drinking water, it is rainwater and stored in cisterns not suitable for human consumption.

3-Can I water the garden myself with the hose?

No, the owners of the Villa will take care of the irrigation. Either by means of an automatic irrigation system or when gardening tasks are carried out by the gardener. If it is possible to water a plant if you consider it appropriate, using the showers that are on one side of the house.

4-Can I use the firewood that is in the barbecue?

Yes, the one you need as long as it remains.

5-Where can I put the table to enjoy the barbecue?

Near the barbecue, under the Kiwi there are 2 tables and 5 garden chairs.

6- The sun burns me, do you have an umbrella? for the garden?

Yes, there is an umbrella in the pantry above the cabinet. Do not nail it on artificial grass or any surface. The parasol has a soft colored cylindrical base that you will find under the barbecue. Fill the base with water and fit the parasol into it.

7-Where can I sunbathe in the garden?

You have 2 hammocks and several armchairs but if you feel comfortable you can always lie down on the grass with a towel.

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