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Frequently asked questions: USE OF THE HOUSING


1-How do I access the home?

On the date of entry you will be provided with a code that you must enter on a keyboard at the entrance porch. This code will be unique and valid during the entire period of the stay. Once the lock is opened, automatically push the door slightly to access the home.Watch video.

​2-What if the entry code to the home does not work?

In that case, do not hesitate to send us a WhatsApp with the subject "Urgent: The access door does not open" or contact us by phone  with us at +34 653504477. We will open the door remotely or provide you with a new opening code.


​3-How do I check in?

We use a third-party application called Partee so that the guest and all their companions  Those over 13 years of age must register with the police authorities online before entering our villa or within 24 hours of entering. In order for the check in to be carried out, it is necessary that you provide us with a contact email and that you follow the instructions in the following document.​ It is mandatory to comply with Spanish regulations to check in.See document.


​4-How to use the safe?

Programming the safe's secret code: 1. Access the battery compartment area 2. Press the button in the area and you will hear two beeps 3. Enter your secret code (minimum 3, maximum 8 digits) on the keypad and Press the B key on the keyboard, if you hear 2 beeps your code is already configured but if you hear 3 beeps it has not been configured and therefore repeat the process. View image.

To open the safe once your secret code has been set  Enter it through the keyboard and press the letter A. Last but not least, remember to write down the code that you have programmed into the safe. With 3 errors the box is blocked for 20 seconds, with more than 3 errors the box is blocked for 5 minutes.View image.


​5-How do you turn on and off the gas stove in the kitchen and living room?

You can see the manual in Spanish by clicking here, and also has a video. We recommend when using the gas stove not to leave it on if you are going to sleep, although the stove itself has a safety system that turns it off if it detects that the oxygen level drops too low and on the bedroom floor there are 2 other systems installed that also They would notify if they detected any abnormality in the environment.Watch video Living room Gas Heater. Watch video Kitchen Gas Heater.

6-How do I change the gas bottle on the stove if it runs out?

In that case you must tell us what has happened via WhatsApp at +34653504477, we will tell you where to locate the gas reserve bottle and we will provide a new replacement. The instructions for changing the cylinder are simple: 1) Close the gas spigot on the regulator that is connected to the bottle, to do this we place the regulator key horizontally. 2) Press the anchoring button under the regulator key (view image) and gently pull the regulator upwards, the regulator should separate from the gas bottle. 3) With the regulator key closed, press the regulator anchoring button (watch video) and fit the regulator to the bottle spigot. Release the regulator button and open the regulator key, positioning it vertically. 4) Pull the regulator upwards 5 cm. and the bottle must be lifted jointly next to the regulator. Follow the steps in point 5 to put the stove back into service. 


7-Can you drink the water from the taps inside the Villa?

Yes you can but it is not recommended. In the Canary Islands, people usually drink bottled water because the tap water is not of good quality, although it is drinkable.

8-How does the washing machine work?

The maximum load of the washing machine is 4 kg to avoid deterioration. The washing machine model is Teka TKX1 1000T, and you can access the manual in this link. A brief summary of its use involves the following steps: 

- Separate your clothes according to their characteristics (cotton, synthetic, color, etc.). Do not leave metal or other pieces inside the pockets.

- Open the porthole and place the pieces to be washed inside. Make sure that no clothing is caught between the drum and the door. Close the porthole door. If you do not do it correctly, the washing machine will not start.

-  Place the detergent in the detergent dispenser compartment, numbered 1 in the control panel image.

9-How do I check out?

You only have to comply with the established departure time of 12 noon, leave the villa in the same clean conditions as you found it and this includes the barbecue and its nearby area, and leave the doors of the villa properly closed.

10-Where do I throw the garbage bags?

Approximately 50 meters from the house, walking down the street, there is an area with garbage containers. There are different types of containers depending on the type of garbage so that it can be recycled. View image.

11-What is the weather like in Valleseco?

The months with the most hours of sunshine per day are from May to September and the months with the fewest hours of sunshine between January and February.

The driest month is June. There is 6 mm of precipitation in June. The rainiest is December with 38 mm. Precipitation varies 32 mm between the driest month and the wettest month.

With an average of 21.6°C, August is the warmest month. The coldest month of the year is mid-February with an average temperature of 14.2 °C. Average temperatures vary during the year by about 7.3 °C.


12-How do you turn the electric heater in the rooms on and off?

For those times of the year where there is occasionally a considerable drop in temperatures, in Valleseco in the harshest winter months (January, February) guests can additionally request an electric heater in their bedrooms. The operation of the electric stove is automatic but it must always be connected to the electrical network before 7 p.m., otherwise the automatic programming may not be executed. Between 7 p.m. and 9 a.m. the next day, the stove turns on by itself and regulates the temperature between 18ºC and 20ºC throughout the night, turning it off and on when the temperature goes outside of these ranges. If you wish, you can ask the owners to change the temperature range or schedule during your stay.(If you wish you can see it in the followingvideo)

13-How does the kitchen oven work?

The oven is a current model TEKA HCB 6530, which even has a self-cleaning function. Link to the manual in different languages is attached. Link to Manual.

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